Building B

Buildings A and B form the first group of the main complex in the western part of the yard. They are situated perpendicular to each other and are connected by a one-story building, which is planned to house the reception and foyer of the complex.

Building B is projected just like Building A; the entrance to the building is facing the parking lot to the north-west. On the three top floor of this 4-floor building are apartments and studios for seasonal residence, the ground-floor contains apartments and studios with small green gardens, while several office rooms are planned for the western part of the ground-floor.

Apartments and studios for seasonal residence are situated on the top three floors of Building A. Separate entrance from the south-western parking lot is planned for them.

Buildings A and B have a common ground floor, which houses the SPA-center, warehousing and office rooms, and the underground parking lot, which continues to the north-west and south-west beyond the building’s outlines.

Along the south-eastern side of Building B an English garden is planned. It will be planted with greenery and will provide natural sunlight to parts of the SPA-center. Also planned are several exits from there towards the indoor swimming pool and storage rooms, situated on the ground-floor.

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